We're so excited to have you all on campus in the coming week! Although this won't be a normal semester, we know you'll love Bates as much as we do. To welcome you all, below you will find articles ranging from a move-in day walkthrough, to upperclassmen advice columns, to Commons musts. Hope you enjoy! See you in L/A, Batesies ♡
The Bates Student


Packing Advice

Learn what you need to bring to campus from a certified Mom Friend™.

First-Year Campus Map

Familiarize yourself with Bates with this comprehensive overview of all the sights you need to know.

Move-In Day Walkthrough

See photos and read firsthand about a day in the life of moving in to Bates from someone who’s already done it.

We Have One Chance

Despite the recent outbreaks on college campuses, we still have the ability to make this work.

First-Year Dorms

For those anxious about where you will be living this year, here’s a preview all about the first-year dorms.


Stories of the Decade

Flash back to 20 impactful Bates Student stories and events from the last decade at Bates.

Why We Love Bates

We do, it’s true. Chances are, you will too. This year is going to be weird, but many of our favorite things transcend the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

Commons Musts

Commons won’t be the beloved communal experience it has been in the past, but we doubt the amazing food will change too much.

Virtual Club Fair

Check out video introductions to more than thirty Bates clubs organized by theme.

Popping the Bates Bubble

When you find yourself in need of a break from campus, check out these Lewiston/Auburn spots for local foods and fresh air.

[email protected] Movement

Instagram has become a power platform for bringing institutional racism to light at Bates and beyond.


Upperclassmen Advice Column

No matter what you do, freshman year will likely be a bit cringey – and that’s OK. Our staff has some Bobkitten advice you won’t want to miss.

Bates Must-Knows

To help make your transition to college as seamless as possible, we’ve compiled some Bates tips and tricks for you -- from learning how to set-up and use the printers to all about the beloved Decade Dances.

Talk Like a Batesie

Basically Bates’ Urban Dictionary.

A Guide to Study Spots

Learn all about the best places to study on campus -- mark your territory early, tables fill up quickly!

Freshman Plague

Not to be confused with COVID-19, watch out for the Freshman Plague that (unfortunately) sneaks up on you when adjusting to college life.